Unexpected Gift

Fresh Start

Shifting Gears

My work-life balance in the past few months has tilted heavy on the work side. I haven’t had the time or the motivation to put words to screen, but I am writing again. Work is now entering our slow period for the year which means I am merely going to be the normal type of busy and not the pulling my hair out, praying for a quick death, going crazy because I can’t keep up, kind of busy.

A little backstory, I support sales at a large company that specializes in providing software solutions to a specific industry. Our fiscal year ends in June and the salespeople always push hard to finish the year strong. I lucked out a week ago and walked into work and found a FedEx envelope on my desk filled with Amazon gift cards. This unexpected gift, that was provided by one of the sales teams, that I support was as a thank you for resolving a difficult situation where they closed a major deal. I was surprised and grateful for the token of appreciation.

As I pondered on what to spend my unexpected windfall on I wanted to find something to write on that was compact and had a decent battery life. I considered getting a small portable laptop, or maybe some sort of tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. I did some research and read some blog posts and reviews. After considering my options; I decided to order a Chromebook.


Unboxing the Chromebook

This device has made it convenient to write and edit on the go and the battery is great. When I first unboxed it, the little kid in me was disappointed that it wasn’t charged, setup, and ready to go; the adult in me was expecting to have wait for the device to update and set itself up after several system updates. The kid side of me did not have to wait long. The build of the Chromebook gave a sturdy impression, and the brushed aluminum exterior gives the device an expensive look and feel.

I plugged the device in and powered it up. The 1080p display popped and was immensely impressive. I signed into my google account and it updated to most current version of the ChromeOS in a little over a minute. It charged fully in a little over an hour and while it was charged I found several extensions and sites to add.

One of the neater features is that this Chromebook supports integration with the Google Play Store and allows you to install Andriod apps directly to the laptop. for those of you interested here is a link Acer Chromebook 14 to the exact model that I bought. There are some different models that are more expensive but on a cost to feature to reliability ratio this was the right model for me.

Using the Chromebook for Writing.

I am getting the feel of which are the best apps or extensions to use for writing. Honestly, Google docs seem great so far. Every keystroke is backed up to the cloud and any offline edits automatically sync on reconnect. I user the Grammarly plug-in to help me notice any mistakes. Here is an article that I found that lists several tools that I use, Writing Tools


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