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Winning the Lottery, Butlers, and Memories

My wife and I decided to buy a Powerball ticket; we know the odds of us winning the grand prize are slight, but it buys us the conversation of what to do with the money.  We daydream and ask each other what we would want. We both agreed we would travel and get swanky new cars.  I said I want a butler; I would still be a bit trashy, but I bet Diet Mountain Dew and beef jerky would taste better served off of a silver tray by a man wearing a black tuxedo speaking with a posh accent.  My wife surprised me and said she would want to buy our current house. This shocked me out of my own daydream of paying someone to always get in the grocery check-out line in front of people I don’t like and pay with pennies.

“Really?” I said to her. This was my initial reaction. I was confused and wondered why she didn’t want to upgrade from our humble home.

She said, “Why not, with 700 million why get rid of it?”   I conceded the point and we continued our wool-gathering; I didn’t give her statement a second thought till later.

When I did think about what she said, I realized that our home is a treasure trove of memories. The kitchen where we have cooked so many meals together, the dining room table where both our daughters learned to read, the living room still echoes with the sounds of our son’s first steps, and a million other fragments of moments that hold together the jigsaw puzzle of our lives. My wife wanted to keep it and disrupt our lives as little as possible.

With the unimaginable money of the Powerball jackpot, you could afford to live in a pristine, perfect house. You wouldn’t have a single stain on the carpets or a nick on the walls. You could afford to hire an expensive interior designer to decorate your home with impeccable style, and you could foot the bill to live on an isolated compound away from all your family, friends and neighbors. Would you want to live like that though? It would seem so sterile to set yourself apart. Nothing would be precious anymore and you would always wonder if people were trying to get close to you because of the money.  Every situation comes with its own set of problems.

My wife is probably right; simple would be better.



I’m still getting a butler though.



2 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery, Butlers, and Memories

  1. Well, it looks like we didn’t win. So I guess my dreams of my own tropical island will have to wait.

    I understand the nostalgia for a family home and all the memories associated with it. But as an Air Force kid, I also can tell you the memories can be taken with you. The part that matters most is having a place for the family to gather.

    And hey, with $700 million you could always expand the house, right?

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