Personal thoughts

Going With the Flow

My wife and I had arranged a rare night out this past Friday. We decided to go a Cincinnati Red’s game and enjoy each others company while engaging in a session of people watching. The weather wasn’t cooperating. The humidity was around 99.9 percent and showers were moving into the area. Being the troopers we are, we would not let Mother Nature deter us in our quest for a kid-free, date night.

We started our journey behind schedule. This is not unusual for us, we are typically at least a few minutes late to about everything.  We packed a cooler, stopped to pick up food, and made our way downtown. Anyone that goes downtown, for an event, knows that finding a place to park is one of the prime concerns. Neither my wife nor I know the ins-and-outs of downtown driving, and finding a parking spot involves a lot of meandering around looking for parking garages close to the stadium.

The navigation went awry. We took a right onto a street and it ended up being the on-ramp to the bridge going to Newport. Once you take that right-hand turn there is no way not to cross the river to Kentucky.  (For those people reading this that are not familiar with Cincinnati, downtown and the stadiums are adjacent to the Ohio River. The bordering towns on the Kentucky side of the river are Newport and Covington.)   Due to construction and ever changing traffic patterns,  it is extremely inconvenient to cross the river going from state to state even if it isn’t rush hour.

We intended to bust a u-turn, cross the same bridge, and resume our quest to go to the Red’s game. This plan deflated before it even got off the ground. Orange barrels and construction signs blocked the path of the lane heading Northbound back across the bridge. We had reached a decision point.

Do we drive back to the interstate and have a second go at downtown driving, or do we abandon mission?

The humidity. the on-again-off-again rain-showers,  the fact we were coming up on being an hour late for the game, all played a part in our decision.  We gave up on the Reds game.

We went to the movies instead.

A wonderful time was had. Marriage Batteries recharged. I am glad we didn’t let a small detour ruin our night.

Flexibility is important in a relationship. This was a minor instance, but it illustrates a broader point. Plans and situations change, and you can either let them affect your attitude, or you can roll with the punches.




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