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Kids are Assholes

Kids are Assholes…

and it is wonderful. The pure honesty of what they say is innocent and blunt at the same time. Their statements embarrasses us, makes us laugh, makes us take a second look at ourselves.  A child’s comments can make your heart melt or cut you to the bone.

The raw honesty of kids that are first grade age and below is refreshing. In most situations they wear their hearts on their sleeve and speak their mind. If they want something they will tell you. If you make them laugh then you know they aren’t appeasing you to be polite, it is a true laugh. You don’t need to worry about the motivations of young kids they tell it like they see it from their perspective of the world.

It can be awkward sometimes.

I would like to read a collection of quotes that teachers and daycare providers hear from the kids that are in their care. I bet the other adults that interact with your kids have been told a tale or two that you wouldn’t want spread around.

The questions  and statements, especially in public.

Why does that man smell?

Daddy is this your dumb boss you talk about?

That person is ugly.

The reason that we cringe when our little one’s shoot off at the mouth is because they are being honest. Honesty is at times contrary to the unspoken social contract that most of us abide by.

If you are walking down the aisle of the grocery and you hear a little voice say “Mommy why is that person so fat.” I have bad news, you are fat. At least to the child’s point of view. Calm down, you are not being ridiculed and this isn’t because the child is being disrespectful. They just lack the social awareness that comes with age. In other words they have no filter and speak what is on their mind.

As kids grow they lose this because they start to understand the unseen agreements that we have in this culture. If some one is dumb, don’t point it out, if someone is overweight, don’t body shame them. Be polite and be courteous. Don’t highlight weakness.  This is a good thing overall. This social evolution allows us to interact with each other with less conflict, but it also gives rise to miscommunication, gossip, and overall less genuine people.

I wish that adults retained more of that blunt honesty than they do. I have trouble interacting with people who are two-faced or fake. I would rather know where I stand with someone instead of wondering if this person has an agenda.


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