Personal thoughts

Laughs and Looks

One of my most favorite sounds in this whole, wide world is my wife’s laugh. She, like most people, has many different types of laughs: Her polite laugh, her laugh when she is making small talk, her triumphant “HA!” when she does some difficult task, and many other varied laughs depending on mood, and situation.

All her laughs ,I love, but the one where the laugh comes out as a high pitch giggle/squeal is the one I know she can not hold back. That is the laugh I am 100% sure she means.

In contrast one of my least favorite things is the “look”.  I am sure you know the one I mean. Its the look that says that there is hell to pay and the bill is due. The one that says you are a stupid jackass and I don’t know why they allow you to keep breathing. If your partner is giving you the “look” too often then it becomes an almost  permanent expression and the laughter starts to die.  This will poison a relationship.

This would kill me.


I would hate if I never heard my wife’s genuine laugh again. I have been in relationships where the laughter has died and instead you get looks. I would rather have a marriage  full of laughs and embraces instead of disdainful glares and cold shoulders.  I have an awesome relationship and couldn’t as for anything better.

We aren’t perfect but where I have cracks she has edges and we just fit together.

With us being in a good place that means I don’t get the “look” often, but I know its there, just waiting, for the time when I hurt her or when I am too stubborn to admit I am wrong. I try my best not to bring the “look” out because I know her anger is a reaction from bruised emotions or disappointment that I caused.

I get sick to my stomach and I get anxious when I disappoint her or have hurt her somehow.   I loath that feeling of not knowing what to do to make something right. That is why I give my best effort to consider her feelings and make our marriage a team effort. A lot of it is small things. I ask her how her day was and kiss her first thing when I get home. I will pick up the groceries or do the dishes if she needs me too. If she has had a rough day with the kids then I don’t complain when she wants to leave for a couple hours when I get home from work.  I am not perfect and  I still fall short sometimes but she knows that my intentions are good.

Bring home wine that helps too…


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