Summer Daze

Have you ever watched monkeys put together a jigsaw puzzle? This is my afternoon. My neighbor is a hairstylist and slightly OCD. She doesn’t trust anyone else with her hair but she is unable to do the back. She calls my wife to come help her mom cut her hair. 

I show up to watch this debacle and the three of them are watching a YouTube video of the style my neighbor wants. Needless to say it is not going well at the moment. 

There has been much bickering and snatching of scissors. Might be the end of friendships or even a slight murder by the end of this hairdo. 

Did I mention that my wife has little to no experience cutting hair?

Myself, I have been enjoying the show. In fact there should be a reality show based on amateurs cutting a stylist hair based on verbal directions. I would binge watch the hell out of that. 


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